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Moxxie Essential Care is artisan line of masterfully handcrafted line of spa-quality, skin-loving bath & body products which inspire daily rituals of unapologetic self-care.

 Our 100% plant-based handcrafted soaps, crèmes, scrubs and balms are gentle, hydrating, delightfully scented and wonderfully textured.

You can smell the difference. You will feel the difference.


SCENTual Living | Unapologetic Self-Care | Inspired Bath & Body

Moxxie Essential Care is a smart, handcrafted line of spa-quality,
skin-loving body care products designed to inspire daily rituals of
Unapologetic Self-Care.

Made from premium plant oils, mineral-rich clays, organic botanicals
and pure, undiluted essential oil blends.
Always completely free of parabans, phthalates, petrochemicals,
sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors.


1. Determination.  Verve.  Fierce.
2. Ability to manage competing demands -
day in and day out - with spirit and courage.

Complex Aromas that Calm the Mind and Stir the Imagination


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