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Moxxie Essential Care is artisan line of masterfully handcrafted line of spa-quality, skin-loving bath & body products which inspire daily rituals of unapologetic self-care.

 Our 100% plant-based handcrafted soaps, crèmes, scrubs and balms are gentle, hydrating, delightfully scented and wonderfully textured.

You can smell the difference. You will feel the difference.


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I’m consciously shopping, not just buying....I’m trying to slow down and enjoy life more.

That means what I bring into my life has to smell good, be good and be something I really want on my counters. Moxxie handcrafted 100% plant-based bath and body products are exactly what I am looking for. ..  Read More


After a brutal workout, the first thing I want to do when I get home is take a hot and relaxing shower.  Recently, I’ve been using the invigorating Lemongrass + Oatmeal soap .... Read more.


If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with anything handmade, especially soap and bath and body products.  Moxxie products are awesome. Not only do they smell ahhhmazing...  Read more.


Continuing on my quest to try more natural products that are both good for me and good for the environment, I jumped at the chance to test out Moxxie's line of essential care products.  These are natural, pure, creamy,  long-lasting plant-based soaps. They are non-drying, honestly scented, wonderfully textured and moisturizing for your skin. Read More.


Since the site is called Sassy Dove, you can guess how we feel about moxie. Moxie is closely related to sass, so I was excited to see a brand called Moxxie Soap – especially one that emphasizes all-natural products.  I got to try a lovely collection of goodies from this brand, which emphasizes that when it comes to ingredients, “less is more”. I’m down with that, since I love the nice strong scents that come with essential oils and they use them in their products.  Read More.


The holidays are upon us, and that means running around shopping for gifts and attending parties or holiday get-togethers, which calls for a mini-spa day every day. At the very least give yourself extra time in the bath or shower to take care of your skin because we all know how that winter weather can do a number on our skin.... Trust me when I say that when you start using these products you will find yourself looking forward to that "me" time.  Read More.


if there's one thing i love it's a well-stocked shower. i'm not the most loyal customer when it comes to bath and body products because i'm always game to try something new and have options to choose from when i suds up. but no matter what, i like natural products that smell nice – no heavy scents, no ingredients lists that read like a chemistry text book, you know.  Read More...


Moxxie, a name I love because I think it so defines midlife women, is the kind of company I’m happy to support because their products are 100% plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. And because they feel so luxurious. They don’t just work on your body; they clear your mind.  Read More...

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