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Moxxie Essential Care is artisan line of masterfully handcrafted line of spa-quality, skin-loving bath & body products which inspire daily rituals of unapologetic self-care.

 Our 100% plant-based handcrafted soaps, crèmes, scrubs and balms are gentle, hydrating, delightfully scented and wonderfully textured.

You can smell the difference. You will feel the difference.


Lotsa Lavender + Oatmeal


Lotsa Lavender + Oatmeal


Our 100% plant based bar soap is handcrafted in small batches to create a delicious marriage of sweet, velvety lavender and organic oatmeal.  The relaxing properties of pure lavender plant essential oil help rinse away stress and tension while oatmeal gently massages your skin.  Mild.  Antiseptic. Reaffirming.

Suitable for all skin types.  Great for sensitive, irritated or dry skin.

Ingredients: Distilled water, coconut, olive, castor, almond and palm oils, sodium hydroxide, steel cut organic oatmeal, lavender essential oil, sandalwood and indigo powders.

Net Wt:  4 oz.

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Our products are carefully made by hand using natural ingredients.  Please allow for color differences in your finished products. Your bar soap will last a long time if kept dry between each use.  We recommend that you  store your soap away from direct streams and puddles of water.

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